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- Consulting

ManSysCon services extend from simple internal audits and system analysis to complex assessments of organizational structures, projects and investments as well as audits of corporate acquisition (due diligence).

As external consultants we support medium-sized national and large international companies in the development and maintenance of quality and environmental management systems, as well as in the implementation of occupational safety and energy management.

As internal auditors we can perform organisational, internal system and process oriented audits (1st party) as well as compliance audits to identify and review relevant legislation. Thus, we can support companies in preparing for an external certification. In addition, we can perform supplier audits (2nd Party) in the value chain of our customers on a global scale or complete process audits for efficiency rating.

In relation to the issue of sustainable development, we assist companies in establishing company specific sustainability criteria and help in the evaluation thereof. Furthermore we focus on sustainability management. On one hand we are assessing appropriate corporate standards in accordance with specific criteria. On the other hand we are currently working on the development of standards for project sustainability evaluation. One focus area is, to create/establish a tool for sustainable investor decision-making. 


Interested in energy management

For a couple of years now there have been changes and new developments on a policy basis in the energy sector. Company can get certain tax breaks or reductions if they implement a certified energy management system based on ISO 50001. 


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