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In the following fields we can competently assist you:

- Quality management
- Environmental management
- Occupational safety
- Energy management
- Waste Management 
- Renewable energy/co-generation
- Sustainability management


As external consultants we support medium-sized national and large international companies in terms of quality and environmental management, as well as occupational safety and energy management. As internal auditors we can perform organisational, internal system and process oriented audits as well as compliance audits and complete supply chain audits. In relation to the issue of sustainable development …

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As certified environmental verifiers and accredited auditors we carry out certification of ISO quality and environmental management standards, occupational safety and energy management. In the renewable energy sector, we conduct environmental assessments according to the German Renewable Energy Law. Furthermore we certify companies according to the EU End of Waste Regulation. ...

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In order to increase our clients’ competencies in relation to specific topics, we conduct in-house seminars and workshops for middle and upper management levels as well as operational personnel. Topics include good corporate governance and organizational risks management and prevention. Moreover we regularly hold seminars covering legal developments relating to the German Renewable Energy LAW (EEG), …

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Interested in energy management

For a couple of years now there have been changes and new developments on a policy basis in the energy sector. Company can get certain tax breaks or reductions if they implement a certified energy management system based on ISO 50001. 


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