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Our Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is the first priority when it comes to our work. We are a company with young and dedicated as well as experienced and competent employees who are highly motivated and who enjoy their own work. Thus, we offer clients our full commitment as well as our expertise in different subject areas. Furthermore, it is our goal to continuously perform our tasks with objectivity and conscientiousness, which helps us to generate an added value for our clients.

As an economic entity, we strive to generate a certain profitability, that enables us a healthy business basis as well as assures our professional independence. In our daily business, values such as integrity and transparency are however not neglected. 

In all of our work, we follow a general principle: to our best capacity we show respect for other human beings as well as animals, we protect nature and our environment and promote the responsible use natural resources. We are constantly working to minimizing our own impact, caused by our activities, on the environment.





Interested in energy management

For a couple of years now there have been changes and new developments on a policy basis in the energy sector. Company can get certain tax breaks or reductions if they implement a certified energy management system based on ISO 50001. 


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Inh. Frank J. Rispoli
Naumannstraße 79 - Haus 38
10829 Berlin

Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 740 738 80